Trail Journal ~ 5/23/2010 - 5/24/2010


5/23/10 - Sunday

Camping spot last night to Abington Gap (AG) Shelter. 5 miles. 3 hours, 9AM - Noon.

I've decided to stay here for the night. Let my stuff dry in the sun this afternoon. Water is probably 1/4 mile down a hill. No privy; I've gotten pretty adept at pooping in the woods.

I ate a hot lunch - Ramen (chicken flavor) with carrots and jerky. Supper was an apple, trail mix, and crackers.

People of the trail:
~Dude from Richmond. Met him at the AG Shelter.
~That local dude day-hiker found the speed hiker. Speed hiker's trail name is Galilee Man; he is from Galilee. I met him too, shook his hand. I can look him up on traillog.com. I've since learned he is hiking 14(?) hours a day, 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM. He left Georgia May 7th to arrive in Maine in July.
~Eddie from Lexington, NC. Thru-hiker. Lost his job so decided to hike.
~Ynot (Tony) from Minneapolis. Thru-hiker.
~3 dudes who I don't know their names. South Bounders.
~1 female with an accent.
~3 men at the AG Shelter. Section hikers. Great guys. Great help. All married with children. From Pennsylvania. Jim and Chris have grandchildren. Jim owns a grocery. Chris works in electronics. Frank is an engineer.

My current plan:
Mon: 8.5 miles to Double Springs Shelter
Tues: 8 miles to Iron Mountain Shelter
Wed: 13 miles to Watauga Lake Shelter
Thurs: 5 miles to Pond Flats
Fri: 6 miles to Dennis Cove

5/24/10, Monday

8.5 miles from Abington Gap to Double Springs. 5ish hours.

I'm tired. Well, my feet are so damn pooped, I don't even want to write.

I'm on a campsite above the shelter.

A trail angel left me bagels and an apple...just hanging on a log in a baggie. I'm a bit low on food, so that was cool.

~Met Stairway today. He lives on the trails. Goes south in the winter and north in the summer.
~Tonight I camp beside Whodat (Ryan) from Austin, TX, by way of New Orleans. Great guy. Concert and event planner. Thru-hiker unless he gets called for work.
~Met Waldo from Minneapolis and Duluth.
~Wonder passed by. Thru-hiker.
~Cliff is down in the shelter. Thru-hiker.

Plan change:
Tues: 10 miles to just past Turkey Gap to water source and camp site
Wed: 11 miles to Watauga Lake
Thurs: 5 miles to Pond Flats
Fir: 6 miles to Dennis cove


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